We work on a simple model where in the customer gives a call on a number which is: +91 253 2594333 which has Open line which will always get connected even when the frequency of calls received at one time is higher. 

  • Once the call is made the customer (if registered) gives his code to lock the Service call.
  • The detailed problem is understood and the necessary information is taken.
  • The problem is analyzed and possible solution is provided on the Call.
  • This call is registered and a registration ID and code is generated and forwarded to our clients.
  • The client’s details are also forwarded to our Engineer situated in that location and service is provided at the scheduled time.


  • Raising the standard of services offered to your customers while simultaneously lowering the cost.
  • Converting your operational cost from fixed to variable.
  • Reduce the need to invest your precious capital in non-core business function.
  • We devote our considerable efforts to make innovation in technology so as to always keep our customers & Clients on the cutting edge.



  •      Unique & creative solutions that meet the client’s expectations by revising the clients business.
  •      Strict adherence to the ethical principles of Confidentiality and Management.
  •      Continuous search for opportunities beyond the agreed communication & business objectives
  •      Professional quality of services provided by teamwork based on implementation.




  • Creative work with information.
  • Expertise & professionalism.
  • Flexibility & Attainability.
  • Courage & readiness to communicate on behalf of our clients in crises.

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